Realising Transition Pathways

Realising transition pathways towards a low carbon future

Realising Transition Pathways

Whole systems analysis for a UK more electric low carbon energy future

RTP Final Dissemination Conference!

Friday 26th February 2016, Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, London

Presentations available now! Please click <<here>>>

Summary of key findings from RTP available <<here>>

The Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy consortium was initially established in 2008 and was sponsored by E.ON UK and EPSRC (Energy and Physical Sciences Research Council).

In May 2012 the consortium was awarded a further £3.17m, with sponsorship from EPSRC, to continue with a second phase of the project: Realising Transition Pathways.

The consortium is managed by Professor Geoffrey Hammond at the University of Bath and Professor Peter Pearson at Cardiff University (Co-Leaders).

It includes research teams at the universities of Bath, Cardiff, East Anglia, Leeds, Loughborough, Strathclyde, Surrey, Imperial College London and University College London.

University of Bath University of Leeds UEA Loughborough University Cardiff University
University College London Imperial College University of Strathclyde University of Surrey