Realising Transition Pathways

Associate Researchers & PhD Students

Reseachers and PhD Students who are currently or have previosuly been involved in Realising Transition Pathways and/or Transition Pathways:

University of Edinburgh

Dr Ronan Bolton

Lecturer at University of Edinburgh.

Previosuly Ronan was a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds' Sustainability Research Institute. Ronan was involved in both Realising Transition Pathways and Transition Pathways, where his work examined the changing relationships between regulators, government, energy companies, users and local authorities in the governance of energy systems, exploring implications for the deployment of low-carbon technologies.



ETH Zurich

Dr Evelina Trutnevyte

Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich. 

Evelina is now a Senior Researcher at the Swiss Competence Centre for Energy Research-Supply of Electricity - part of the Risk Governance team. Previously Evelina was a Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute and was significantly involved in Realising Transition Pathways.


University of Leeds

Ray Edmunds

PhD student at University of Leeds.

Ray is currently working on his PhD, entitled: "High Level Integration of Low Carbon Technologies in Electricity Transmission Systems".


University of Manchester

Dr Victoria Johnson

Research Associate at Sustainable Consumption Institute. 

Between 2013 and 2014, Victoria was Research Associate at the Low Carbon Research Institute of Wales, based at the Welsh School of Architecture where she worked on the Realising Transition Pathways project. Her work focussed on examining historical transitions in the UK energy sector and the institutional transformation necessary for 50 per cent distributed low-carbon electricity generation in the UK. Between 2007 and 2012, Victoria led the research programme on climate change and energy policy at NEF (New Economics Foundation).

Victoria is currently working on a 3-year project with Professor Frank Geels to compare patterns of diffusion of low-energy technologies (district heating, light-rail networks, passivhaus) in the UK with other European countries. This project is part of a programme of work by the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, one of the EPSRC-funded Energy Use Energy Demand research centres.



University of Strathclyde

Malcolm Barnacle

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
University of Strathclyde
Royal College Building
204 George Street, Glasgow G1 1XW

Malcolm is currently writing up his PhD thesis on: "A Multi-Objective Transmission Expansion Planning Tool (MOTEP) for Analysing the Application of Future Energy Scenarios to the GB Network", which he worked on during Transition Pathways (phase 1).