Realising Transition Pathways

Wedge A

Pathways, actors and governance

Wedge A builds on the socio-technical analysis of transition pathways developed in Phase 1, to investigate how the choices and interactions of actors and structural factors contribute to the realisation of low carbon pathways.

The Wedge is split into three works packages (WP) and will draw together co-evolutionary, action space, historical and comparitive case studies and branching points analysis.

WP A1: Branching points and actors' choices for future pathways

WP A1 will develop and apply a framework and analytical tools for exploring the co-evolutionary processes within transition pathways to a UK low carbon electricity system, and how actors' choices influence them, in order to overcome lock-in of current systems.

Work will be led by the University of Leeds, with partners at Cardiff University and UEA.

WP A2: Conceptualising and analysing dynamics in the contemporary UK electricity system

WP A2 will map out, conceptualise and analyse how electricity system actors shape socio-technical pathways.

Work will be led by UEA, with partners at Cardiff University and  the University of Leeds.

WP A3: Insights from historical transitions

WP A3 will develop new insights from analysis of past transitions in electricity and other utilities, in the UK and European and Scandinavian countries, to inform thinking and decisions about future pathways, explore how key actors and their objectives interacted, and core 'logics', technologies and institutions in the 'action space' were challenged and changed.

Work will be led by Cardiff University, with partners at the University of Leeds and UEA.